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  • Zope publishing: Setting privilege levels

  • There are three levels of privileges for commentors on your news site.

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  • 1. TRUSTED By default, all new registered users with a valid e-mail address are “Trusted.” Their comments show up on stories automatically. You can manage or their comments as usual if they post anything inappropriate.
    2. MODERATED If you discover a problem user, this option allows site staff to pre-screen every comment before it goes live on your site. Click on the “Moderate Comments” tab at the top of the commenting interface to view comments waiting for approval. Click “Approve” or “Reject” for each comment and it will disappear from the queue.
    3. BANNED If a user is a consistent problem 100 percent of the time, the “Banned” privilege level will hide their comments from both the public view and the view of site staff in the commenting interface. You won’t see the user’s comments, and neither will anyone else, although banned users will be able to log in and fill out the comment form.

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