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Story Idea: Aging bikers choose comfort over cool
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As the motorcycle enthusiasts enter their 60s and 70s, more and more of them are choosing to make their rides more comfortable, rather than taking them off the road.

From NY Times:  "Industry experts say the sale of tens of thousands of trikes, whose sticker prices can rival an upscale sedan’s — a new three-wheeled Harley starts at $30,999 — has helped buoy a slumping industry and kept a generation of born-to-run riders on the roads.

" 'The baby boomers are getting older, man," said Steve Stirewalt, a lifelong rider and motorcycle dealer known as Fat Daddy by his friends. "People riding all their lives don’t want to stop just because of bad knees, or bad eyes, or diabetes or something. They want to keep rocking.' "

Is this happening for your road-loving readers? Are they turning in the old hog for a new, easier ride? Ask them on Facebook and Twitter.

Find local motor cycle clubs and interview some members. Check in with your local motorcycle dealers - are they seeing this trend?

There's an organization for three-wheel motorcycle enthusiasts: Brothers of the Third Wheel. See if there's a chapter in your area.

If you have an annual motorcycle rally in your area, check in with rally organizers and swing by yourself. Maybe someone will give you a ride on their new luxury cruiser.


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