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Story idea: Have mobile devices changed your lifestyle?
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By Mike Turley
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CNN has started a series called "Our Mobile Society" that examines the profound influences mobile technology has on our lives and on the way we communicate. The series claims smartphones have become "human appendages" or "phantom limbs."

As Apple prepares to launch the sixth generation of its IPhone, the series points out that today’s mobile devices’ computing power is greater than Apollo 11’s. There is little doubt this fifth wave of computing has revolutionized the way people read, seek and share information.

How to localize:

Find early adopters in your community and create a story or series around them. Use video, Web and social media to help tell their stories.

Ask readers if and how mobile devices have changed their lifestyles. From work to play, find specific examples of the digital influence.

Check with local vendors leading up to and after the release of IPhone 5. Do they expect long lines and a high volume of sales? How does the demand compare to the earlier versions of the IPhone?


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