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The Street content budget (week of 4/16)
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April 13, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Mon., April 16

Top 3 Big Data Stocks - (Word on the Street) Big data, or managing large volumes of unstructured data, is big news for investors. These are the stocks riding the big data wave. (STORY -- ROGERS)

Wilbur Ross’ Exco Resources Endgame Banks on Steel Redux – Wilbur Ross played the worst of the coal sector downturn for big distressed profits. With natural gas below $2, he may plan to do the same for Exco Resources, where he now sits on the board -- but it might be a long time waiting before an endgame payday. (STORY -- ROSENBAUM)

Upgrades Roundup – A look at the stocks that received upgrades from TheStreet Ratings last week. (STORY – ZENDRIAN)

Downgrades Roundup – Check out which stocks were downgraded by TheStreet Ratings last week. (STORY – ZENDRIAN)

Tue., April 17

Tech Earnings Preview – Tech stocks, which rebounded in early 2012, have taken a pounding in recent weeks. With tech bellwethers IBM and Intel on deck, what can investors expect from this earnings season? (STORY -- ROGERS)

Wed., April 18

Are Markets Ruled by Altruism or Greed? – As vampire squids still dominated the public perception of Wall Street rather than Goldman’s claim of doing “god’s work,”  it’s worth considering the field of evolutionary economics. The success of the human species has been a mix of self-interest, altruism and the ability to deceive. But which is the most important trait to the markets? (STORY -- ROSENBAUM)

Thurs., April 19

Foreign Banks Clash With Fed--Efforts by foreign banks to dodge the 2010 Dodd Frank legislation are putting them on a collision course with the Federal Reserve. (STORY-FREED)

Natural Gas Beneficiaries  -- Stocks that are strengthening from the natural gas boom and record-low natural gas prices.  (STORY – TSE)

Fri., Apr 20

The Quick Profit Is Still More Attractive Than Conviction on Alternative Energy Stocks – Is there any actual turnaround coming in the alternative energy sector, or just some well-timed earnings trades to play for quick profits? (STORY -- ROSENBAUM)

Top Donors for Romney in March -- A look at the top donors for Mitt Romney in March. (STORY - DEAUX)

Top Donors for Obama in March -- An overall look at the top donations gathered by Barack Obama in March. (STORY - DEAUX)

Coming Week Forecast -- Veteran analysts and money managers provide their market outlook for the week ahead.  (STORY – TSE)

The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week – Gregg Greenberg offers an acerbic take on the zany doings of corporate America.  (STORY/VIDEO -- GREENBERG)

US Airways/AMR – The world has three global aviation alliances. The U.S. has three global airlines. But the Southeast U.S. has just two hubs --- which makes Charlotte/Douglas International Airport a very valuable piece of real estate as US Airways pursues a merger with AMR. A look at the airport’s growth. (STORY – REED)

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