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  • The Independent's second-day coverage of the mayoral primary uses a headline nearly identical to another used in a second-day story earlier this week (images 5, 8, 12). The centerpiece includes two stories and a package of local reaction to the election. Notice how the package doesn't rely on a dominant image. Considering the photo, probably not a bad call. The mug/quote package is a bit cluttered and a little hard to understand. Here's why:
    • The headline and initial paragraph, located below the mug and in the first of two columns, is difficult to spot right away. Stripping it across the width of that packge ad above the mug would have helped readers see it first and read it first.
    • Separating the peoples' mugs from their quotes forces readers to scan repeatedly up and down the package to match the face with the quote. Packaging the mug and quotes together would have simplified that.
    • WIth the quote type left-aligned and the attribution right-aligned, the white space that divides them can make it hard to understand who said what.
    Elsewhere, I like the "today's top three" package and the images that are incorporated within the text. The story at right includes a breakout box and a First in Print logo. The provided portrait of the event's keynote speaker sits atop the story. In that spot though, readers may get confused. Reading the main headline "How she did it," readers will pick up on the "she" in the headline, see the woman's image at right, and begin reading that story. Simple fix: move the photo to the bottom of the the story.
    Still, a nice effort following up the primary election.
    Joe Greco is corporate design director for GateHouse Media.
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