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Best of the Day: Use Facebook to promote calendar (10/19/11)
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Oct. 20, 2011 12:01 a.m.

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We often use social media to reach out to readers to promote our stories, but here's an example of using Facebook to promote your online calendar for a fun event.

WHAT THEY DID: MetroWest Daily News posted to Facebook a status update about Pies on the Common, a church fair that sells food, crafts, etc., and asks parishioners to make 500 pies. Here's the update:

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MetroWest uses some conversational questions to draw readers in on Facebook, and then they also respond to a reader comment.

TAKEAWAY: Look around your website for interesting stories to promote, and don't just think of news stories. If they're big enough or weird enough, those news stories will direct a lot of traffic your way. But if they're routine stories, you need to keep looking on your site to find interesting stories to promote on social media. The Pies on the Common event isn't even a traditional story; it's just a calendar item, but it's already attracting some comments.

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