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March 30, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Upcoming stories to GateHouse News Service from The Street:

Mon., April 2
Best Dow Stocks in March – A look at the best Dow components in the month of March. (STORY – ZENDRIAN)
Worst Dow Stocks in March – Which components had the worst performance that month? (STORY – ZENDRIAN)
Tues., April 3

Best Dow Stocks Year-To-Date – Which of the Dow components have had the best performance so far in 2012? (STORY – ZENDRIAN)
Worst Dow Stocks Year-To-Date – A look at the worst-performing Dow components so far this year? (STORY – ZENDRIAN)
Republicans Scramble for Wisconsin, Maryland -- A preview of what to expect ahead of Tuesday’s primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington D.C. (STORY - DEAUX)
Wed., April 4

Large Cap vs. Regional Banks – These ETFs let you segregate investments in the banks between the large caps and the regionals. (STORY – BELL)
3 Reasons Why High Gas Prices Won’t Derail Obama’s Reelection – Obama is as much to blame for high gas prices as Mitt Romney’s private equity layoffs are to blame for current U.S. unemployment. Here are 3 reasons why the Obama-gas price link is just one more campaign season scare tactic  (STORY – ROSENBAUM)
Break Out “Presumed Nominee” Label -- Should Mitt Romney win by wide margins in Wisconsin and Maryland, it is likely that we can start calling him the presumed nominee. (STORY - DEAUX)
Thurs., April 5

3 Reasons Why the Bank Rally Will Fizzle-  Bank stocks have been on a tearing run, but earnings visibility remains weak for most. (STORY—BHARATWAJ)
Fri., April 6

The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week -- Gregg Greenberg offers an acerbic take on the zany doings of corporate America.  (STORY/VIDEO -- GREENBERG)
Sat., April 7

Tech Weekly Review and Preview -- A review of the week’s big tech stories and a preview of the coming week. (STORY -- CIACCIA)
Mon., April 9

The Glaring Hole in Warren Buffett’s Portfolio – For a man who has his money in just about every major sector of the market, Warren Buffett is surprisingly underexposed to energy.  (STORY – ROSENBAUM)
Tues. April 10

Winning the Card Game: Month 3 – We look at what happened to Card$mart in March. (STORY – KULIKOWSKI)
Companies Funneling Donations to Romney Campaign -- A rundown of the companies propping up Romney’s presidential campaign. (STORY - DEAUX)
Thurs., April 12

Will Others Follow Bank of America’s Mortgage-to-Lease Lead?-  Bank of America’s plans to offer borrowers facing foreclosure the option to rent their homes instead seems like an obvious alternative to foreclosure. So far though, other banks have been slow to adopt similar measures. (STORY—BHARATWAJ)
First Quarter Sector Stars  -- Which sectors outperformed the broader indices in the first quarter and will their stamina last through the second quarter?  (STORY – TSE)
Companies Backing Barack Obama’s Campaign -- A look at which companies have been the major backers of Obama’s campaign. (STORY - DEAUX)
Fri., April 13

5 Dividend Stocks to Buy – These five stocks have high dividend yields and are highly recommended by analysts. (STORY – BELL)
Overbought Energy Stocks – Here are the only energy stocks any one is buying these days, and why the buying needs to stop.  (STORY – ROSENBAUM)
YouTube Ads – This spring, Google’s YouTube will launching its self-service ad buying platform to make it easier for small businesses to reach customers on YouTube. A Q&A with Lucas Watson, head of advertising at YouTube (STORY – KULIKOWSKI)
Coming Week Forecast -- Veteran analysts and money managers provide their market outlook for the week ahead.  (STORY – TSE)
JPMorgan Chase Earnings Coverage (STORY – BHARATWAJ)
Wells Fargo Earnings Coverage (STORY – GARA)
Sat., April 14

Tech Weekly Review and Preview -- A review of the week’s big tech stories and a preview of the coming week. (STORY -- CIACCIA)
Mon., April 16

Top 3 Big Data Stocks  – (Word on the Street) Hot on the heels of the cloud phenomenon, big data has emerged as one of tech’s biggest trends. These are the three big data stocks you need to keep an eye on.  (STORY -- Rogers)
How to Get Your Product on Wal-Mart’s Shelves – QnA with a product provider that has secured space on Wal-Mart’s shelves. (STORY – KULIKOWSKI)
Citigroup Earnings Coverage (STORY – BHARATWAJ)
Tue., April 17

Intel Raises Bar For Tech Earnings  – (Earnings Preview) Chip giant Intel, on deck to report its first-quarter results, is expected to continue the tech resurgence.  (STORY -- Rogers)
Shop Here, Not There – To bring awareness to readers about Main Street retailers, a new series will find small retailers with the same if not better merchandise than large store competitors. We kick off the new series in April with two home decorating stores that compete with Pier 1.  (STORY – KULIKOWSKI)
Wed., April 18
The Utica Shale Boom Finally Unveiled– The state of Ohio has become the first state to pull back the curtain on winners and losers in its hot shale drilling geology. ( Story – ROSENBAUM)
Thurs., April 19

S&P Options in the Spotlight – The biggest trends emerging in the options market.  (STORY – TSE)
Bank of America Earnings Coverage (STORY – FREED)
Fri., April 20
Coming Week Outlook – Top money managers offer their market outlook for the week ahead.  (STORY – TSE)
Top Donors for Romney in March -- A look at the top donors for Mitt Romney in February. (STORY - DEAUX)
Pockets Run Deep for Romney, Shallow for the Rest -- An overall look at the donations gathered by the four Republican candidates. (STORY - DEAUX)
Sat., April 21

Tech Weekly Review and Preview -- A review of the week’s big tech stories and a preview of the coming week. (STORY -- CIACCIA)
Mon., April 23

What Chesapeake Energy Looks Like in 2014 – If there’s a long-term outlook for Chesapeake Energy, it remains clouded by the short-term funding concerns. If the company’s balance sheet woes do ease, here is what the company may look like – and be worth – in 2014. (STORY – ROSENBAUM)
Entrepreneurial Lessons from William Shakespeare – Today is Shakespeare’s birthday. We look at five business lessons from the famous playwright’s life.  (STORY – KULIKOWSKI)
Tue., April 24

Tech’s Big Turnaround: Update – Results from heavyweights from Microsoft, Intel, Texas Instruments and AMD reflect the status of  tech’s big turnaround. (STORY -- Rogers)
Can Rick Santorum Win Home State? -- Revealing the state of Rick Santorum’s campaign at the end of April with interviews from his campaign advisors. (STORY - DEAUX)
Wed., April 25
Romney’s Pivot to General Election Funds -- With enough delegates in his corner, Romney can slowly develop his general election campaign war chest. (STORY - DEAUX)
Thurs., April 26

How Angie’s List Became The Must-Have Service for Service Providers – Some call Angie’s List the Better Business Bureau for small businesses, by providing reviews  to find reputable service providers. We take a closer look into the world of Angie’s List. (STORY – KULIKOWSKI)
Fri., April 27
Coming Week Preview – Investment managers provide their market preview for the week ahead.  (STORY – TSE)
Sat., April 28

Tech Weekly Review and Preview -- A review of the week’s big tech stories and a preview of the coming week. (STORY -- CIACCIA)

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