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AP style on March Madness words
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2012 Final Four
The logo for the 2012 Final Four. - NCAA
March 13, 2012 12:01 a.m.

A handy guide to some March Madness terms:

- The tournament can be called March Madness, the Big Dance, the NCAA tournament and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

- March Madness and Big Dance are capitalized and don’t need quote marks.

- Do not capitalize the t when you write NCAA tournament. This is the generic name.

- NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship would be capped, however, as this is an official name.

- March Madness is trademarked by the NCAA. You cannot use the phrase in conjunction with a contest you're holding, for example. (Note that GateHouse's contest is called March Mayhem.)

- If you use Cinderella team, capitalize like so.

- Final Four, Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight and First Four all would be capped. No quote marks are necessary.

- Bracketology has become an accepted word, and you don’t need quote marks around that either. Bracketology is the filling out of tournament brackets with predictions.


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