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Thursday's Wake Up Call! Aeroshot a dose of caffeine controversy
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The Aeroshot is a portable dose of caffeine.
Feb. 9, 2012 12:01 a.m.

A new product that delivers as much caffeine as a large cup of coffee, simply be breathing into a tube, has some politicians and health care providers concerned.

From the Associated Press: "The product, called AeroShot, went on the market late last month in Massachusetts and New York, and is also available in France. A single unit costs $2.99 at convenience, mom-and-pop, liquor and online stores. ... Biomedical engineering professor David Edwards said AeroShot is safe and does not contain common additives, like taurine, used to amplify the caffeine effect in common energy drinks. Each grey-and-yellow plastic canister contains 100 milligrams of caffeine powder, about the amount in a large cup of coffee, plus B vitamins."

And from the New York Daily News: "But Sen. Charles Schumer is worried that the product, which Edwards developed with a French company, could fuel club kids to party until they drop dead. Fearing it could become another Four Loko, the caffeinated alcohol drink the State Liquor Authority removed from shelves last year, Schumer has asked the FDA to test AeroShot to ensure its safety.

Some ideas:

  • Tie this product launch into a broader story about teens and caffeine use and the prevalence of energy drinks.

  • Talk with teens about Aeroshot and whether they would try it, although the manufacturer says it is targeted at those 18 and older.

  • Talk with local doctors about teens and caffeine. Have they seen cases where they have asked families to help their children cut down on caffeine and energy drinks?

  • Publish a poll. Ask readers how many servings of caffeinated drinks they have each day.

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