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  • Below you will find the community event profile templates available in all versions of Quark and Indesign and the letters as Word documents.

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  • What CPJ event profile options are there? Here is a list of the templates available:
    1. Event profile — advance
    What is it? A template to be used to advance community events.
    How do we use it? There are two approaches. 1. Send organizations an event advance form that profiles an upcoming event. Send the form at least two weeks before the event. 2. Have the form available for organizers of events who call asking for coverage.
    Why should we do this feature? Often, advances for upcoming festivals don’t change much from year to year, but the content is something readers expect. This feature allows a newspaper to get the story into the paper without having to utilize newsroom resources.
    Where should it be featured? At the bottom of the front page or on an entertainment page.
    The content:
    • If you go information including: Name of event, time, location, cost for event and details.
    • Three highlights of the event.
    • Why you should attend, with a quote or two from the organizer.
    • A file photo from last year’s event, either from the newspaper’s files or the event organizer.
    2. Event profile — report
    What is it? A template to allow organizers to report on their community events.
    Why should we do this? There are many events happening in your community, and it’s difficult to be at all of them, but reporting on them is a big part of your role as the paper of record in your community. This format allows you to get this information in the paper through using community partners in an organized format.
    How do we use it? If your newsroom isn’t able to cover a community event, send a form to the organizer of the event and ask them to fill it out and send it back to the newspaper with photos on a certain day. Provide the organizer of the event at least a week’s advance notice. Timeliness of the event is important to keep in mind, so make sure the event organizer understands what day the form needs to be submitted.
    The content:
    • Name and date of event.
    • Three highlights of the event with description provided by organizer.
    • A list of winners if a contest or competition was held.
    • Three quotes from the organizer or attendees on how the event went.
    Click here to download the Quark versions (4,6 and 7) of these event profiles.
    Page 2 of 2 - Click here to download the Indesign versions (CS, CS2 and CS3) of these event profiles.
    Click here to download the Word document for the CPJ event letters.

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