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Use Facebook to tease weekend's most popular story
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July 26, 2011 12:01 a.m.

Mondays, as far as desktop computers are concerned, continues to be the No. 1 day of the week for page traffic.

That's why features like the State Journal Register's "Weekend Review," which offers links to some of the best content that their newspaper produced over the weekend, makes so much sense.

Typically, some of the best content that a newspaper produces appears over the weekend, from enterprise to sports.

The Norwich Bulletin has taken the idea of the weekend review to Facebook. You can see in the image above that they are telling readers on Monday what the most popular story over the weekend was and are inviting readers to click in.

This treatment works well because it's a single tease and it's specific. Facebook users aren't necessarily looking for navigation and teasing that offers them links to everything you produced over the weekend or even the 10 best pieces of content. They are moved by single forms of engagement.

Just think how you would react if you saw these two headlines:

1. Our most popular story this weekend: Why superintendent thinks third high school is necessary
2. Read 10 stories you missed over the weekend

It's obviously the first one. We're engaged not with general teases on social media, but specific and targeted invitations.

You could consider other forms of this idea on Facebook, like your most popular blog post or photo, as well, from the weekend.

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