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Tips for catching your own mistakes in copy
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It's tough to edit your own copy. If you don't have an editor nearby to check your work, here are some tips from MediaHelpingMedia.org on doing it solo:

-- Fool your brain -- change the color, size or font of the copy to help your eyes think they're reading something new. Or, print out your work for an edit rather than doing it on the screen on which you just typed it.

-- Read it out loud -- your ear may catch things your eyes did not.

-- Walk away from it -- if you can, even for just a few moments, walk away from the copy or complete another task, then come back to the story. Even a small break can give you fresher eyes.


Upcoming AP Style Chats on Twitter, via SocialPRScoops.com:

"AP’s style experts host monthly chats to answer your questions about what AP style is and why. Upcoming topics offer tips on international reporting style guides on Feb. 13 and Travel Editor Beth Harpaz on March 19th. All chats begin at 2:30 p.m. ET and you can join at twitter.com/APStylebook @APStylebook"

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