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AP style on Masters and golf terms
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Masters Tournament
April 4, 2012 12:01 a.m.

The Masters Tournament takes place this week. The correct style is as written, and you may use Masters on second reference.

Do not make Masters possessive – and especially don’t write Master’s, as it completely changes the meaning.

The tournament is one of four major golf championships, and it always takes place at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. (Note that Augusta is not a dateline city.)


Some other golf tips from AP:

- You almost always use numerals when talking about golf, e.g., 5-iron, par-4 hole, 3 handicap, 2 under. You don’t use numerals on the first nine holes, however – it would be first hole, ninth hole, etc.

- Word guide:

-- birdie (birdies)

-- bogey (bogeys)

-- eagle

-- caddie

-- hole-in-one

-- tee


While we’re on the topic of sports, check out this embarrassing typo at the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Just more proof that the world needs copy editors!


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