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AP Stylebook: Was Trayvon Martin's death a 'killing' or a 'murder'?
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A lot of big stories are happening in the news lately, and the Associated Press Stylebook Twitter page has been very busy.

I know –– you don't have a Twitter account, and if you do, you don't follow the Associated Press Stylebook. Well, 1) you should follow @APStylebook and 2) who is NOT on Twitter?

But that is why I write on this blog –– to keep you informed of the latest AP style tweets without actually being on Twitter. Before we get started, keep in mind that the 2012 Associated Press Stylebook is coming out in late May. So that is something to look forward to...

The latest from the AP Twitter page is below. The latest news is, of course, on the death of Trayvon Martin. And the NCAA basketball games are underway, so you'll see some style on that as well.

Towards the bottom, most of the tweets are from the Twitter chat that @APStylebook hosted with AP Travel Editor Beth Harpaz on March 19. That's why the conversation takes a sharp turn to Disneyland.

From the AP Stylebook Twitter page:

AP Style tip: "Women- and minority-owned businesses" with hyphens? Correct, but try rephrasing: businesses owned by women and minorities.

Q: In a date range, do u use a dash, a hyphen or to? A: April 22-28 or April 22 to April 28, but never a dash between.

Tip off as a verb but tipoff as a noun and adjective. AP's college basketball coverage: http://apne.ws/GJn0Le

The AP Stylebook says a homicide only becomes a murder once someone is convicted. (Read the article on whether Trayvon Martin's death was a "killing" or a "murder."

Further talking about farther versus further: Farther as in 'far' and further as in 'furthermore.'

Chat with AP Travel Editor Beth Harpaz:

States we don't abbreviate. There are eight: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah.

Dateline for Disney World is Lake Buena Vista, Fla. It's close to Orlando, but not in it.

Disney style guide: It's Disney World but Disneyland. And Cinderella Castle, not Cinderella's Castle.

The Grand Canyon and Yosemite are operated by the National Park Service, not National Parks Service.

Buffalo wings have a capital B, thanks to the Buffalo's Anchor Bar.

With Titanic's 100th anniversary in April, there are lots of events to talk about. A tip: boats are no longer 'her' or 'she.'

Put quotes around things that are titles. Not names. So the Titanic museum, but "Titanic" the movie.

Fly with style: Commonly misspelled in air travel stories: frequent flier, not flyer. And carry-on with hyphen for luggage.

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