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Story idea: Would you still work if you won $500 million?
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Mega Millions top jackpots to date.
March 29, 2012 12:01 a.m.

The Mega Millions drawing set for tomorrow night has hit a record $500 million jackpot. If you have an interview this week, don't be surprised if this question pops up: Would you still work if you won?

From MSNBC.com: "Joyce Lain Kennedy, author of 'Job Interviews for Dummies,' calls the lottery question one of the top 10 'prime-time tricky probes' employers lay on workers these days. … When you answer the lottery question - or any interview question - you want to leave out any inkling you’re not excited about working hard, no matter what the circumstances."

A few ideas:

  • Publish an online poll asking readers the question.

  • Talk with human resource managers and temp agency directors - have they used the question?

  • Talk with job seekers and lottery players and the local convenience store.

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