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AP Stylebook guide: fireworks, barbecue, Champagne
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Fourth of July is next weekend, aka Independence Day or July Fourth (July 4 when referring to the date and not the national holiday.)

No doubt we will all be cooking up a storm (or barbecuing up hot dogs and hamburger-goodness), and it seems just in time for an AP Stylebook review of their new food section, which is now included in the 2011 AP Stylebook.

J.M. Hirsh is the AP’s food editor, and here’s some words of wisdom for those food writers/reporters out there from the Twitter account of @APStylebook:

"Advice on being a good food writer from @jm_hirsch: be a good reporter more than a diehard foodie, ask the right questions."

Also tweeted was the announcement of the next Twitter chat with AP style editors on July 18. Here’s the exact tweet:

"Social media takes the spotlight at an #APStyleChat on July 18 at 2:30 p.m. EDT, with guest expert Lauren McCullough, @lfmccullough."

So be sure to join the conversation if you AP Stylebook questions, especially about social media. Just drop the appropriate hashtag, #APStylebookchat, in your tweet and wait for a reply.

Now on to the fun stuff. Sticking with the Twitter thing, here are some recent ap style tweets from @APStylebook. Most of them are replies to questions –– seems food and Fourth of July are mostly on people’s minds lately. I omitted reply addresses and personal touches from their tweets:

On the Fourth of July, it’s fireworks, with an s, in all references.

It's barbecue, a verb and noun for the meat or grill, not barbeque or Bar-B-Q.

Tip back this summer with a draft beer, not a draught.

Lowercase wines named for grape varietals, like chardonnay and shiraz. Capitalize wines named for regions, such as Champagne.

**Read my post "AP style: West Nile virus, July Fourth, F-4" for more AP summer terms.**

It's Asian cuisine, not Oriental.

Spell out teaspoon, tablespoon, etc. in recipes. Also, it is teaspoonfuls, not teaspoonsful.

While some do not like the term, we list "locavore" for a person who strives to eat locally produced foods.

E. coli is acceptable in all references to Escherichia coli 0157: H7 bacteria.

It’s Food and Drug Administration; FDA is acceptable on second reference.

Military medals are awarded or given. Olympic medals are won.

Miscellaneous AP Stylebook tweets:

Startup is one word, and can be an adjective and a noun. (And hopefully it makes money.)

It’s hip-hop when referring to the dance.

The North Dakota city where floodwaters are expected to pour over dikes is Minot, pronounced MY'-naht.

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