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  • Users of mobile devices consume content at different hours than readers who use their desktop computers to view our sites, and the content they’re interested in is often the quicker-hit type.
    This area addresses the sections your newspaper should have featured on a free mobile Web platform.
    Mobile sections shouldn’t be just Zope sections that are now appearing on your mobile phone. Here’s a breakdown of sections all newspapers should have on their mobile devices. Sections should appear in this order.
    1. Editor’s Pick: Newspapers should create a section in Zope that they publish the best mobile-appropriate content to, such as breaking news, news stories, sports game stories and big event announcements. This section isn’t retail-facing on your website but serves as a feed to your mobile site.
    2. News: This is a feed from your newspaper’s “news” section in Zope.
    3. Sports: This is a feed from your newspaper’s “sports” section in Zope.
    4. Entertainment: A separate “mobile” section in Zope should be set up for this content, which should include to-go-and-do content and content that’s appearing in entertainment guides. Content that appears in arts sections or pages shouldn’t be posted here, unless it’s previewing an event.
    5. Obits: This is a feed from Legacy or your obits section in Zope.
    6. Photos/Video: Once technically available, this should be a feed from Zope.
    7. Business: If a newspaper has enough content and the content is trend-based or focuses on the announcement of new businesses, this section should be added to mobile, likely through a special mobile section in Zope. You should not publish business people in the news briefs to your mobile site.
    8. Weather: A feed from Accuweather should be featured.
    — Local topics: In some markets, a high school sports specific section or education sections may make good mobile sections. Newspapers should evaluate the relevance of that content by looking at the length and formatting of those articles when deciding if they should be mobile sections.
    — Mobile sections: Newspapers should have no more than 10 mobile sections.
    What doesn’t go up
    Specific blog posts, if they qualify for the “editor’s pick,” could be posted, but general blog topics, unless the issue is hot or the writer has a serious following, are likely too random for mobile Web. A section called “Foodie Talk” is going to do very little on mobile Web.
    Niche content for the most part shouldn’t go up, unless it is true quick-hit content a reader can use
    in his or her daily life.
    Daily flow
    Because we know that traffic spikes around 7 p.m. for mobile Web users, newsrooms should post content that doesn’t have an immediate timeliness factor between 7-10 p.m. At a minimum three stories will need to be moved each hour during the 7-10 period into the “editor’s pick” and “news” categories to guarantee a new content flow for the returning visitor. This flow throughout the evening should help avoid a dump of content at the conclusion of production.
    Page 2 of 2 - Weekend flow
    Saturday continues to be a key day (one of the highest of the week in terms of page views) for mobile content. Newsrooms should build content that can be produced in advance of the weekend that has a relevant feel over the weekend. This is important because newsrooms aren’t staffed on the weekend the way they are throughout the week.
    Much of this content may already be produced by newsrooms, but branding it in a way that has a rewind or look forward hook makes it relevant to that heavy Saturday audience.
    Newspapers should create two unique weekend pieces of content on topics such as:
    • Best quotes of the week
    • Events to go to next week
    • Stories or events to follow next week
    • Stories you should remember from this past week
    • A look back and forward at business from the week that was and the week that will be
    • Athletes to watch this week
    • Best sports performances of the week

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