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2010 Best of GateHouse winners announced
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June 30, 2011 12:01 a.m.

The GateHouse Media News & Interactive Division is excited to announce the winners of the 2010 Best of GateHouse editorial contest.

More than 175 journalists and newspapers are recognized in the 2010 contest, which included the addition of a fourth division.

In the Fall, we'll produce our annual Best of GateHouse contest book.


• Division A

Champion: The Repository
Runner-up: Rockford Register Star
Finalist: The Patriot Ledger
Finalist: The Enterprise
Finalist: The State Journal Register
Finalist: Journal Star

• Division B

Champion: The Norwich Bulletin
Runner-up: The Register-Mail
Finalist: The Herald News
Finalist: The Holland Sentinel
Finalist: The Independent
Finalist: Daily Messenger

• Division C

Champion: Lake Sun
Runner-up: Taunton Daily Gazette
Finalists:The Morning Sun
Finalist: Hannibal Courier Post
Finalist: Pekin Daily Times
Finalist: Stutgart Daily Ledger
Finalist: Kirksville Daily Express
Finalist: Mineral Daily News

• Division D

Champion: Webster Post
Runner-up: The Elmhurst Press
Finalist: Somerville Journal
Finalist: Newton Tab
Finalist: Raynham Call
Finalist: Norwood Transcript
Finalist: Dover Post
Finalist: Washington Times Reporter


• Division A

Champion: Bruce Rushton, The State-Journal Register
Finalist: Melissa Griffy Seeton, The Canton Repository
Finalist: Benjamin Duer, The Canton Repository
Finalist: Dean Olsen, The State-Journal Register

• Division B

Champion: Grant Welker, The Herald News
Finalist: Will Richmond, The Herald News
Finalist: Kevin O’Connor, The Herald News

• Division C

Champion: Christina Janney, Newton Kansan
Finalist: Terry Katz, Sturgis Journal
• Division D

Champion: Rebecca Hyman, Bridgewater Independent
Finalist: Nick Vogel, Berwyn Life


• Division A
Champion: Charita Goshay, The Repository
Finalist: Tamara Browning, State Journal-Register
Finalist:Jennifer Davis, Journal Star
Finalist:Gary Panetta, Journal Star

• Division B
Champion:Deborah Allard, The Herald News
Finalist:Dan D’Addona, The Holland Sentinel

• Division C
Champion: Danny Henley, Hannibal Courier-Post
Finalist: Rosalie Currier, Sturgis Journal

• Division D
Champion: Melody Burri, Victor Post
Finalist: Rebecca Hyman, Bridgewater Independent
Finalist: Susan Parkou Weinstein, Raynham Call


• Division A
Champion:  Adam McHugh, Rockford Register-Star
Finalist: Bob Kast, The Repository
Finalist: Chris Grimm, The Journal-Star
Finalist: Kelley Simms, Rockford Register-Star

• Division B
Champion: John Meo, Norwich Bulletin
Finalist: Dan Goodwin, Norwich Bulletin
Finalist: Sarah Jones, Daily Messenger

• Division C
Champion: Andrew Arthur, Mineral Daily News Tribune
Finalist: Matthew Clark, The Morning Sun
Finalist: James R. Prutt, The Hillsdale Daily News

• Division D
Champion: Eric Hahn, Suburban Life Publications
Finalist: Jes Spivak, Suburban Life Publications


• Division A
Champion: Greg Derr, Patriot Ledger
Finalist: Mark Vasconcellos, The Enterprise
Finalist: Justin L. Fowler, State Journal Register

• Division B
Champion: Glenn Deltman, The Independent
Finalist: Tali Greener, Norwich Bulletin
Finalist: John Shishmanian, Norwich Bulletin

• Division C
Champion: Danny Henley, Hannibal Courier-Post
Finalist: Dave Demelia, Taunton Daily Gazette
Finalist: Wendy Nugent, Newton Kansan

• Division D
Champion: Ann Ringwood, WickedLocal.com
Finalist: Mark Bush, Batatvia Republican
Finalist: Matthew Modoono, WickedLocal.com, Concord, Mass.


• Division A
Champion: Todd Engle, Journal-Register
Finalist: Emily Tropp, Rockford Register Star
Finalist: Matt Trowbridge, Rockford Register Star
Finalist: Dave Kane, Journal-Register
Finalist: Marcia Martinez, Journal-Register

• Division B
Champion: Aaron Frey, Register-Mail
Finalist: Marc Allard, Norwich Bulletin
Finalist: Dan Goldman, Daily Messinger

• Division C
Champion: Danny Henley, Hannibal Courier-Post
Finalist: Dylan Polk, The Courier

• Division D
Champion: John Quattrucci, Easton Journal
Finalist: Scott Schmid, My Suburban Life
Finalist: Tom Batters, Woodford Times


• Division A
Champion: Dave Bakke, State Journal-Register
Finalist: Phil Luciano, Journal Star

• Division B
Champion:Tom Loewy, The Register-Mail
Finalist:Ray Hackett, The Bulletin
Finalist:Rick Holmes, MetroWest Daily News
Finalist: Rob Haneisen, MetroWest Daily News

• Division C
Champion: John Tucker, Lake Sun
Finalist: Liz Beavers, Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Finalist: Amy Gehrt, Pekin Daily Times

• Division D?Champion: Celia Cohen, Dover Post
Finalist: Alice Coyle, Bridgewater Independent


• Division A

Champion: The Patriot Ledger
Finalist: The Observer Dispatch
Finalist: Canton Repository
• Division B
Champion: Metrowest Daily News
Finalist:  The Herald News
• Division C

Champion: The Hannibal Courier-Post
Finalist: The Hillsdale Daily News
Finalist: Mineral Daily News Tribune
• Division D

Champion: The Berwyn Life
Finalist: The Woodford Times

• Division A
Champion: Ken Johnson, The Patriot Ledger, "Breast Cancer Videos''
Finalist: The State Journal-Register for "State Fair Menu Board.''
Finalist: The Peoria Journal Star for "River City Roundup''
Finalist: The Patriot Ledger for "Women and Drunk Driving''

• Division B
Champion: Daily Messenger, "Canandaigua Idol"
Finalist: The Herald News for "Christmas Carols"
Finalist: The Herald News for "Ten from the line"
Finalist: The Times-Reporter for "Proms of the past"

• Division C
Champion:  Lake Sun for “Coverage of Osage River Bridge demolition and reopening”
Finalist: Hannibal  Courier-Post for "Coverage of July flash

• Division D:
Champion: Suburban Life Publications for “The hunt for Eric Gilford”


• Division A

Champion: Rockford Register Star, “Public Employee Pensions”
Finalist: The Repository, “Stimulus in Stark”
Finalist: State Journal-Register, “State Leases”

• Division B

Champion: Norwich Bulletin, “Dear Governor”
Finalist: The Holland Sentinel, “Age of Uncertainty”
Finalist: The Examiner, “The Wall that Heals”

• Division C

Champion: The Newton Kansan
Finalist: The Newton Kansan, “Medicaid Cuts slam Agency”

• Division D

Champion: Suburban Life Publications
Finalist: The Daily News Tribune, “Fate of Fernald”
Finalist: Suburban Life Publications, “Election 2010”

• Division A
Champion: The Joys of Citizenship, The Repository
Finalists: Take This Job And …, The Repository
Finalist: Christmas Card to the World, The Enterprise

• Division B
Champion: Cat and dog section, Norwich Bulletin
Finalist: Torched, The Times-Reporter
Finalist: Poll: Who’s the best chip off the old block?, The Times-Reporter

• Division C
Champion: Conversations with readers, obtaining information about old photos, Hannibal Courier-Post
Finalists: Best of the Lake, Lake Sun/Lake Media
Finalist: Veterans’ Day tribute/pink edition, Taunton Daily Gazette,

• Division D
Champion: Cute Pet Picture Call Out Spread, Bridgewater Independent
Finalist: Package of reader involvement features, Westmaont Progress


• Division A
Champion: Rockford Register Star, “OTW”
Finalist: Journal Star, “Mystique’’
Finalist: Journal Star, “Race for the Cure’’
Finalist: The Repository, “Great Expectations – High School Football Preview”
• Division B
Champion: Norwich Bulletin, “Dear Governor’’
Finalist: The Daily Telegram, “Young Voices’’
Finalist: Norwich Bulletin, “Creepy Tales’’
Finalist: The Times-Reporter, “Outlook 2010”

• Division C
Champion: Mineral Daily News Tribune, “Kelley”
Finalist: Hannibal Courier-Post, “The Year of Mark Twain’’
Finalist: Lake Lifestyles magazine
Finalist: Sturgis Journal, “Snap-it”
• Division D
Champion: Suburban Life Publications, “Gridiron 2010’’
Finalist: Donaldsonville Chief, “2010 High School Football Preview’’
Finalist: Geneva Republican, “Geneva 175”
Finalist: Morton Times-News, “Morton Pumpkin Festival 2010’’

BEST SECTIONS: Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Opinion, Sports

• Division A

Business: The Patriot Ledger, Jon Chesto and staff
Entertainment: Rockford Register Star, Rebecca Rose
Lifestyle: Journal Star, Sally McKee
Opinion: The Patriot Ledger, John Murphy
Sports, Journal Star, Kirk Wessler

• Division B

Business: Daily Messenger, Mike Maslanik
Entertainment: Norwich Bulletin, Kelly Franklin, Dan Goodwin
Lifestyle: Norwich Bulletin, Kelly Franklin, Sharma Howard
Opinion: MetroWest Daily News, Rick Holmes
Sports: Norwich Bulletin, Marc Allard

• Division C

Business: Sturgis Journal, Dennis Volkert and staff
Entertainment: No winner named
Lifestyle: The Ardmoreite, Leah Simmons
Opinion: Lake Sun, Jennifer Hollis
Sports: The Ardmoreite, Erik Horne, I.C. Murrell

• Division D

Lifestyle: Elmhurst Press, Eric Hahn
Opinion: Lombard Spectator, Jerry Moore, Jes Spivak
Sports: Wheaton Leader, Staff

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