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Former TBD social media director on cool mobile tools
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Mandy Jenkins, the former social media editor from TBD, shared some great tips during a presentation at the Associated Press Managing Editors NewsTrain seminar this week on smart phones.

Her session focused on lots of cool mobile tools that folks can use.

Here are a few of her top recommendations:

• PhotoShop Express: Allows you to crop photos, lighten and darken images

• Qik: Ability to stream video live and allows upload.

• Evernote: Can record audio and type notes that can be synced together. Cinch is also a good tool, she said.

• Scribble Live: Allows reporter to start a real-time chat and share photos and video.

New tools are cool, but figuring out how to use them to help build on what good stuff you are already doing or what you need to improve, is logical development.

For example, for newspapers that are posting photos to their Facebook page from on the scene or are sending photos back to their newspaper from an event, PhotoShop Express is a great tool.

Newspapers that have been successful in the past with Cover It Live, could consider using Scribble Live because it has the option to do it through mobile and it's quick and dirty to launch quickly.

During Jenkins' presentation she said that reporters at TBD, after they have covered games or a big meeting, had opted to use Scribble Live as an easy way to get direct feedback or talk more about an issue.

"It's a lot more immediate that having to wait until the next day to schedule a chat," she said.

There are tons of new tools at our finger tips constantly. Pick the ones that help you improve and evolve what you're already doing well before you launch into a brand new initiative.


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