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Story Idea: Are local groups, inventors using Kickstarter?
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By Lisa Glowinski
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April 11, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Like Etsy and Pinterest, Kickstarter is a cool social site that can provide info on local groups or inventors searching for funding.

Search for your town or state, and you can find local bands looking for funding to cut an album, inventions and film plans.

Kickstarter shows you the name of the person seeking funds, a link to send him or her a message, a bit about the project and the money sought, money raised and who's backing the project:

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Obviously, not everyone will have a Kickstarter project in their area, and of those who do, not every project will be interesting. But this could become a neat ASF profile or video idea for you, or inspire a story about other inventors, entrepreneurs, musicians and artists in your town.

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