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Friday's Wake Up Call! Are schools teaching cyber-etiquette?
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Are schools expanding Internet education to included cyber-etiquette and reputation management?
Dec. 2, 2011 12:01 a.m.

For years, schools have taught children how to avoid dangers on the Internet. Are they expanding upon that curriculum now, to include things like cyber-etiquette and "reputation managment?"

According to a story on USAToday.com: "Many schools not only are incorporating Internet safety into lesson plans but also shifting their focus from the pervasive 'stranger danger' message typically given to young computer users.

"The idea, says Principal Chris Lehmann of Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy, is teaching students to be better 'digital citizens.' Freshmen at his public high school are required to take a course in how to watch their digital footprint — in other words, to be careful what they say on the Internet."

Check with local schools, both elementary and high schools, and see if they are following suit, and expanding their Internet education.

If local schools aren't expanding upon their Internet education, ask parent groups if they should.

Ask parents how aware they think their children are about how things they say and do online can follow them all their lives.



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