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  • FAQ: News & Interactive Incubator Program

  • The Incubator Program helps newspapers restructure their organizations, content and the presentation of their products with a redesign.

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  • The program helps newspapers restructure their organizations, content and the presentation of their products with a redesign.
    Who can receive the program? Any GateHouse Media publication. Dailies, weeklies, special sections, magazines, TMCs and shoppers are all eligible.
    How does the program work? A publisher or editor at the publication contacts the News & Interactive Division (bdennison@gatehousemedia.com). We’ll learn about your project and your newspaper through conference calls and a possible site visit and discuss a timeline for your project. We’ll learn about your community, demographics, goals, staff, news-gathering methods and structure. Conversation on those topics will help drive the focus of your redesign.
    What’s the process of the redesign? After initial conversations on the above items, we’ll work with your staff to develop a content plan. The content plan establishes what content will appear on specific templates for your newspaper.
    How does a newspaper’s content change through this process? Newsrooms receive training in areas such as planning, new story formats and breakout boxes as part of the program, all of which have a big part in the development of the content plan. For example, many newspapers select specific alternative story formats featured in their content plan that will appear on their templates after receiving the training.
    Does the nameplate change? As part of the process, newspapers decide if they want to make adjustments to their nameplate. If they choose to change, each paper is provided several dozen typography choices to pick from. The newspaper selects examples of what they like, and their nameplate is customized.
    Do we get prototypes? Yes. For every template that you currently have, you will receive a prototype, based on the content plan that’s established.
    What kind of technical support do we receive? The News & Interactive Division handles all heavy lifting through the process, including building all templates and delivering and helping install fonts.
    Are there promotions? Yes. Each newspaper will receive promotions to run in advance letting readers know about the change.
    Is there design training? Each newspaper receives a design training guide, along with a design training session, through a Webinar. There is design training also available after the launch.
    How much notice do we have to give? The process takes about three months to execute, so let the News & Interactive Division know as soon as possible so that we can work your newspaper into our schedule.
    How many newspapers have gone through the incubator program? During the past 2½ years, more than 70 GateHouse Media newspapers — of all sizes — have participated.

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