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When it comes to blogs, SEO & Analytics is not the highest on everyone's favorite-read list. After all, in the newspaper business, we have blogs on designs, photography, social media, creative story ideas, etc ...

I, personally, think the "Top 10 most-viewed stories in GateHouse" posts are very interesting –– to see what made it to the top and why that might be. To me, these numbers reveal a lot about the type of audience we have, the social trends of today and –– bottom line –– what people like to read.

Of course, I'm beginning to think not everyone agrees with me. Surely, a writer or reporter would be interested in how well his or her story is doing in terms of page views ... then again, maybe not. I see then, how it would be difficult to expect any member of the news staff to scroll for hours through days, weeks, months and even years of analytics data. To some, this is nearly entertaining, but at the very least, fascinating. Like I said, analytics reveals a lot about society as a whole.

A co-worker recently had an excellent idea (thank you junior developer Chris Heister) to perhaps make SEO a tad more interesting for the masses: post a blog post and track it, sharing the results on my blog.

I think we can take this one step further and post multiple bog posts, targeting different keywords, trying different linking theories and playing with meta data and headlines. This way, newspaper staffs can see first-hand the tremendous difference good SEO practice can make.

I'm going to start with the Editing Words blog, to which I contribute along with two other co-workers. I will choose a target keyword and track the success of the post. Next week, I will tell you what I did and why I did it. And, of course, the results.

See you then!

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