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  • GateHouse Media has a partnership with News Distribution Network, which provides high-quality topical video for our websites.
    What is News Distribution Network?
    The network distributes syndicated content from a range of national media organizations and niche providers, including some of the country’s top news networks and entertainment sources.
    Where does the content come from?
    NDN’s partners submit content to the network. Some of the top content providers are The Associated Press, CBS, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle and Miami Herald.
    Are there different video topics?
    Yes, and GateHouse Media features the following channels: U.S., entertainment, health, home and garden, pets and automotive.
    Do we submit our videos to NDN?
    Yes. NDN gets RSS feeds from your video section and may put your newspaper’s video into their network.
    Where is the content displayed on our website?
    The homepage, on a special video page and on story pages. Here’s a breakdown:
    Homepages: All sites have a video section in their top or secondary navigation that takes users
    to a page that features local — if your newspaper produces it — and syndicate video in a player
    presentation. In addition, in the middle of your site under photo galleries or local video, a section
    called “popular videos” is featured that displays content from the U.S. channel. This channel
    features news and lifestyle content.
    Video player: If a newspaper has the Zope video player in place, NDN video channels appear as
    sections down the left side, next to “more videos.” If a newspaper has local sections in that area
    today, the NDN sections display under them. When users come to the video player page, they will
    see local video in the featured video area. If a user clicks on an NDN section, that video will appear,
    with NDN’s player in the featured area.
    Story pages: At the bottom of every story page, above story comments, a “popular video” widget
    is featured that will play the U.S. channel. When users click on the video, they will be directed to
    the video player page, where they will be able to watch the video.
    Will content be featured in our carousel for big stories?
    Yes. When big stories break, such as the rescue of the Chilean miners, the GateHouse News Service will publish a story into all carousels. The story will feature a photo, and on the story page will be a widget with all of the video in NDN’s network on that topic.
    Does GHNS produce consistent video into our carousel?
    Yes. Every Monday we produce a “must-see videos” package from NDN, which is featured in your carousel.
    Page 2 of 2 - Can newspapers opt out of any of these features?
    Newspapers can opt out of video being featured in their carousel and it being featured on the homepage. All sites will have the video featured on story pages and in a video section.

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